We offer you to join our franchising system of cosmetic shops net of SILCARE ® brand.

 The experience that we've reached and customer satisfaction has encouraged our company to its development based on the principles of franchise system, which is increasingly common method of business, used in many industries. The franchisor provides the franchisee his own brand and proven method of running a business. Franchise point is an independent company, which is based on the standards contained in the franchise agreement, and conducted according to the guidelines contained in the "know-how" of the Silcare ® brand.

 Our mission is to create and register own cosmetic formulas, rather than duplicating patterns taken from our competitors, and the maximum reduction in prices of imported products in order to offer you the possibility of maximize the economic benefit of the retail trade.

 Our goal is to promote the products of good quality and also cheap, accessible to a wide range of designers and wholesalers. We implement equally exclusive cosmetics line to meet needs of the aesthetic and qualitative our customers. We offer you beneficial cooperation offering discounts of up to 50% on our products placed in our web store.

 Stores operate under our banner gain mutually beneficial terms of cooperation by offering up to 100% margin. As a licensor we take care of a uniform visualization of shops. In the interests of high quality of services we organize courses and trainings for both shop owners and staff. Stores are in the custody of professional advisers who assist in the appropriate managment of area, exposure and lighting products on the shelves. Franchisees also share the benefits of marketing and promotional activities carried out by our company. Become our partner, use our knowledge and experience. We invite you to cooperation.



Silcare ® is an experienced producer of products to nail styling and importer of range of products to nail styling accessories. We launch a high quality cosmetics that are used by stylists and makeup artists, as well as general consumers. Next advantages of our products is binding with them availability of prices. By placing the production of cosmetics in Poland, we can guarantee our customers achievable prices. We want every customer to be able to have a high quality product not worse than products of leading western companies, but with incomparably lower price. Products created by us are intended for all those who want to care for their hands and nails. Offer is also dedicated to a wide range of professionals who use our products in beauty salons.

 Florence® – the company that is working closely with the producer of cosmetics Silcare. Florence is the only one in the world distributor of products signed with Silcare brand.


 It is partnership system, based on a close cooperation between independent entities. Franchisor gives franchisees the right to use his business concept and trademark, and the use of a solid commercial and technical support, while imposes an obligation of runnig business according to the concept presented by the Franchisor. Licensor, as the trademark owner, make his "know-how" available, providing the opportunity to build a strong brand.


 Recognizable brand safety, bigger business opportunities are the main advantages of a franchise. Cosmetics market in Poland is characterized by a high rate of growth, which is also associated with the development of new cosmetic stores. Competition forces price discounts, customers expect professional service and advice, but also continuously expanding of assortment not only of cosmetic products, but also of all types of equipment necessary to nail styling. One of the solutions to obtain incomes in the retail market is the franchise.

 Franchise is a safe form of business. It brings benefits to both parties of the Agreement, facilitates market entry for beginning entrepreneurs who don't have to necessarily have a high capital, but also for partners who are on the market for many years. On the one hand franchise provides freedom of action, on the other hand, by the use of "know-how" the franchisor's, as well as proven marketing and advertising knowledge strengthens the brand. A strong brand and stable partner gives you a sense of security and increases business opportunities. Cosmetics market is facing a process that occurs in every developed economic body the consolidation. This is mainly connected with the need to provide universal service for customers who not only expect an increased level of satisfaction with their purchases, but becoming increasingly mobile eagerly look for a proven producer (brand) which they trust.

Silcare ® franchise system is mainly a guarantee of lower operating costs, lower capital involvement, with high margins and turnover growth in an environment of competing companies.




- Purchase franchise licenses facilitates starting and running your own business, and reduces the risk of failure of its conduct.

- Incorrect selection of candidates for Franchisees may result in the collapse of a franchise network based on the good and proven business concept.

- Franchisee without prior business experience can achieve significant successes in the franchise.

- The success of a franchise institution depends on the commitment and potential of franchisees.

- Each franchisee must have some financial reserves in case of "difficult times".


- The purchase of a franchise license automatically guarantee success in business.

- The Franchisor should help Franchisees in everyday conduct of business, particularly in the case of difficult situations (parties of the franchise agreement are independent operators).

- Franchisee must adapt the concept of outpost activities to the needs of the local market.

- The Franchisor uses Franchisees, imposing them sources of supply in commodities
(care of the quality, originality and uniformity of the brand origin).